Peter Jakobsen

Peter Jakobsen

High Court Attorney

Telephone 33 63 74 25

Mobile 27 89 81 40


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Lawyer (L) Peter Jakobsen specialises in transfer of general practitioners’ and specialist doctors’ practices as well as the legal relations of physicians, including authorisation matters, establishment of partnerships and cooperation agreements, ownership agreements, succession agreements, dissolution of partnerships etc.

For a large number of years, Peter Jakobsen has taught purchase of practices at the special education in general medicine at the University of Copenhagen, and sale of practices at the courses of the Danish Medical Association.

Otherwise, lawyer Peter Jakobsen advises widely about commercial law matters and a number of other legal areas, including commercial lease law, employment law, transfer of real property and criminal law.

As a former prosecutor with the Copenhagen Police and the National Danish Police, Peter also has wide experience in conducting criminal cases and has also given lessons in criminal law at the Danish Police College.