Rent law and commercial lease law

The Danish Rent Act is being revised although the coming revision will not do away with the jungle of rules on rent determination. Rent law as well as commercial lease law require specialist knowledge and practical experience when advisory services are provided to clients.

The department of real estate and construction works with private rental housing and commercial leasing. Private rental housing is covered by the Danish Rent Act and the Consolidation Act on Temporary Regulation of Housing Conditions whereas commercial leasing is covered by the Danish Commercial Leases Act.

Our work in this field includes negotiation and preparation of lease agreements, review of such agreements in connection with the buying and selling of property portfolios, advice on the obligation to submit an offer to buy, cases on determination and adjustment of rent, conflict resolution with regard to improvements, vacating the property, defects, etc.

Attorney Kristian Dreyer serves as Rent Court judge in Copenhagen, Lyngby and Glostrup, and has taught residential and commercial lease law at the Business Academy in Lyngby for a number of years.

The department takes on a considerable number of lawsuits and arbitration proceedings and cases before the Danish Rent Tribunals and the Complaints Board in Copenhagen.