Lotte Lundin

Lotte Lundin

Supreme Court Attorney

Telephone 27 21 84 45


About Lotte Lundin

Lotte specialises in insolvency and reconstruction, and has many years of experience in handling insolvency law issues. 

Through her work, Lotte has built in-depth knowledge of all types of insolvency management, including judicial winding up, reconstructions, agreements, voluntary arrangements and bankruptcy proceedings with or without business transfers. As liquidator and trustee respectively, Lotte has dealt with a large number of judicial winding up, liquidation and bankrupt estate proceedings. Lotte also specialises in debt restructuring cases.

In addition, Lotte has considerable experience in conducting legal proceedings before the Danish district courts, High Courts and Supreme Court, including legal proceedings for and against bankrupt estates, for example cases regarding reversal, management responsibility, mortgage and surety law matters, claims assessment and disqualification etc. In addition, Lotte also litigates in a number of other areas of law, including commercial matters.

Lotte has taught insolvency law and debt collection and is a Certified Insolvency Lawyer and an associate of the Legal Panel of the Danish Debt Collection Agency.